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Rules, but no rulers

Libertarians love contracts…

The great thing about being an independent is that you can truly be your own authentic self.

As an independent you’re responsible for everything you say and do, legally and otherwise. That’s actually a good thing – and a very libertarian thing – you’re not held back by other people in an organisation who are also responsible in some way for what you say and do. There’s no party calling the shots about your campaign, you answer to yourself, the law, the Electoral Commission, and the voters.

In participating in the Independents for Liberty (formerly Independent Libertarians) network none of that changes. You’re still the one responsible, and therefore still free to make your own decisions.

Participation in the Independents for Liberty network or use of the platform is about the libertarian principle of private voluntaryism. Other contributors have a variety of campaigning experience and expertise between them which you may find useful, and it’s offered in good faith, but how you engage with others, how you use the information or help given, and any consequences are your responsibility.

To put it into legal language, Independents for Liberty and its operators don’t accept any liability for your actions or the actions of other participants or contributors. Independents for Liberty and its operators offer no guarantees expressed or implied regarding the information disseminated through any part of the platform or network or from participants or contributors and accepts no liability for any losses incurred directly or indirectly from your participation in or use of the Independents for Liberty network platform. In fact, by participating in or using any information disseminated through the Independents for Liberty network or platform you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Independents for Liberty and its contributors against any and all claims arising in any way connected with your activity and that you as a private individual accept full responsibility for any outcomes and losses arising therefrom.


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