About Independents for Liberty


We are an association of independent candidates seeking to promote values of liberty through the ballot box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why IndependentsForLiberty.uk?

Support Network

Anyone could stand as an independent candidate without Independents for Liberty. It’s a legal right for anyone meeting the criteria laid down by the Electoral Commission. However, those of us who have campaigned before know that the support of others makes a motivational difference.

What Independents for Liberty seeks to offer is a support network for independent candidates standing on broadly libertarian platforms. The network is made up of former and current candidates acting as mentors, sounding boards, and ‘cheerleaders’ providing valuable experience and motivation. Network members all offer their support voluntarily.

How Does It Work?

Network Format

Anyone who meets the criteria may participate in the Independents for Liberty network. The network operates on a voluntary basis. Volunteers offer their time according to their availability.

Regular Meetings

During election season Independents for Liberty aims to run weekly online meetings which qualifying candidates may attend. In these meetings candidates get much needed support, share their progress, get feedback and encouragement, and give support to others. Meetings are run by volunteers who have experience campaigning for election.

Off Season Campaigning

Many long term campaigners will continue their efforts between elections. This can be a valuable activity and Independents for Liberty seeks to support independent candidates during this time too by providing online network meetings, podcasts and other support.

Who May Join The Independents for Liberty Network?


To join as a candidate you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be eligible to stand for election in the UK according to current Electoral Commission guidelines;
  • You must know which constituency you’re planning to stand for election in;
  • You must not be a member of any political party (Party members should look to their own Party for support, this is a network specifically for Independents);
  • You must be standing on a broadly libertarian platform.

Mentors and Supporters

To join as a mentor or supporter you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must not be a member of any political party (Party members should look to their own Party for support, this is a network specifically for Independents);
  • Your politics must align broadly with libertarianism;
  • Regarding criminal convictions you must meet the same standards as required by the Electoral Commission for candidate eligibility;
  • Regarding nationality or residence you must meet the same standards as required by the Electoral Commission for candidate eligibility;
  • You must be aged 18 or over.

Why Independent?

Flawed Party System

The flaws in the party system of politics are plain for all to see. Party candidates work hard to gain votes, promising to represent their constituents, only to find that their ability to truly be their representative can be limited by Party demands. How can you truly represent your voters in parliament when a Party may dictate how you vote?

We believe true representation will come from pro-liberty, independent candidates, who are free to represent their constituents.

Campaign And Speak As Yourself

You’ll be free to run an authentic campaign promoting libertarian values as yourself, instead of being the ‘face’ for the motivations of others.

As an independent libertarian candidate, you can build your own platform of libertarian policies and values. Instead of promoting someone else’s platform, or campaigning on a manifesto you only partly agree with, you can stand for the kind of libertarianism you believe in.

True Accountability

As an independent candidate you can focus your energy on campaigning in your area, instead fighting the internal politics within a Party structure. You report only to those who really matter: yourself, the electoral commission, and most importantly of all your constituents.

Retain The Fruits Of Your Labour

Avoid the wasted effort of promoting a top down Party structure that may not always support you or your candidacy, even after lots of work and loyalty from yourself.

As an independent candidate you will know that with every step you take you’re building your own platform and your future campaigns will directly benefit from the effort you put in.

Independent Magic

As an independent candidate, you’re free from the baggage of a political Party – whether that be the past behaviour of other Party members, previous Party ‘scandals’, manifesto policies that don’t align with your values or the ‘uncertainty factor’ of a Party few have heard of.

Without all of that weighing them down independent candidates can become known as individuals in their own communities, and achieve great results based on their own work ethic, values and personal qualities.


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Real liberty


Build a real free country as an independent libertarian.